Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keys to success

a belief that the ability to succeed and what I mean here the belief is not religious belief butWe believe the definition of the psychological and the belief that a mental image associated with the feelings of the events gives us a vision and framework of behavior.And therefore we can say that the success of four of the convictions of the task:Possible: the exit is on the impossibility of the framework and image-making to achieve the desired goal.I: is the stage of the proceedings and the expense of the consequences and implications of the result is a feeling associated with the possibility or impossibility is to be either driving or restraining the conduct of it.I should be so: and a case of self-esteem and self-stimulation to achieve the desired result is give us a vision of the event, and how important is what we call the psychological or mental trend toward event-related belief.Must be: is a direct act and take action and conduct of the belief that the crossing is an important stage of movement of the person from the wishful thinking to the situation of the act.Lists the principles of success Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingI know Heseltk: Here we would like to differentiate between the objective and outcome, where the goal is aVery specific time and a result of its investigation occurs flickers The proceeds are for the direction of the expense is calculatedConsequences and effects, and even determine the outcome should ask the following questions:
1. What I want (Target).
2. How I want it.
3. What will happen if it is done.
4. What would happen if it is done.
5. What evidence to do so.
6. What the implications on and on and on my family and community environments, if this were done.
Began to act: that the secret of success is the outcome determined by the speed of decisiveness and initiative, a direct reaction is the secret of real success.Taxed Hosk: you collect all the information and data that will help you to achieve your goal, and noted the level of your focus on your goal and I think the amount of deviation to amend your route and your always in the direction of your goal and Heseltk.Stay flexible: Flexibility will help us to avoid the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goal and to install and to diversify the means achieved this goal.The disposal of physiological and psychological prerogative: that the mind and body affect each other, and in this, we must keep yourself and you control the psychological and physiological Valjsm ride and spirit of reason and so must be preserved and must also maintain control of our feelings and our talk is a positive procedure.

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